Monday, 6 July 2015

Treasure of Woe at BSTV Episode # 11: Dark Summer. June 2015

BSTV was thrilled to present its opening band for June's 'Dark Summer' event at 12 Bar, Treasure Of Woe​. Only recently formed from musicians from The Love Me Tenders and Long Slow Dissolve, Treasure of Woe is a startlingly unique two-piece of drums and guitars, that channel swirling, epic instrumental passages with epic, Neubauten-esque industrial jams and noise-work. Combining this with occasional moments of ambience, cut short by heavy drone and genius sampling and effects, Treasure of Woe is an intriguing and exciting project and BSTV hosted the band's first ever gig.

Treasure of Woe is: Good Job Rob & Rich Nasty

Two geniuses: Good Job Rob w/ Albert Einstein

All photographs: Kate Trash

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