Monday, 13 October 2014

TRASH CAM: th'sheridans at BSTV Episode # 5, 19/09/14

September saw BSTV move to the Montague Arms on Queen's Road for its fifth episode, a celebratory Smörgåsbord Party featuring BSTV favourites, associated bands and brand new acts! It was intended as a best of (or rather, a BST oV) everything we have arranged since our inception in Spring.

First on the bill were th'sheridans, a unique and fascinating band heralding from London, Zürich and Switzerland and LA. Combining ticky tacky drum machines, searing guitar, violin, sometime drums and clever vocal melodies, concepts and harmonies, th'sheridans are one of the most singularly innovative bands - both musically and structurally - that I have ever had the good fortune to hear. Prolific recorders of the EP, th’Sheridans have been recording interesting four-track snippets of art since 2010 and have just released their latest offering, Held at the Gates, produced and distributed through their own Eatery Records.

Held at the Gates, along with all previous material is available on th'sheridans' bandcamp:

All photographs: Kate Trash

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