Monday, 20 October 2014

TRASH CAM: Matagot at BSTV Episode # 5, 19/09/14

BSTV was pretty damn smug to welcome Matagot to its September Episode at the Montague Arms. Performing 'songs about girls, bodies, and things that make them angry, Matagot is an exciting and innovative quartet based in South East London who draw strongly on riot grrrl ethics, combined with beautiful and often haunting melodic harmonies to create gritty yet pensieve music that lingers long in the mind after it is heard, 

According to Wikipedia, a 'Matagot', or spirit in the form of a animal (usually a cat), is typically an evil creature. It's also alleged to bring riches into any home where it is well-fed. Enigmatic namesake aside, Matagot is undoubtedly one of the most eagerly awaited bands BSTV has had perform at one its nights, which was reflected in the sizeable crowd that gathered to hear them play.

The band was fresh from the recent release of the haunting, brilliant and enigmatic 'Lidless' along with an accompanying music video, and stunned those present with their unique interpretation of riot pop.

Lidless/ Teeth is available to buy via Bandcamp at:

All photographs: Kate Trash

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