Sunday, 14 September 2014

TRASH CAM: The Dictators live at the Garage (for Melodie und Rhythmus), 07/08/14


Hugely privileged to be invited to take photographs of New York punk stalwarts The Dictators for Melodie und Rhythmus magazine based in Berlin. 'Handsome' Dick Manitoba is the leading figure of this boyz rock n roll outfit, alongside other founding member Ross 'the Boss' Friedman on shreeeedddding guitar and other newer members. Allegedly Legs McNeill and John Holmstrom only started PUNK magazine in order to find a legitimate excuse to hang out with The Dictators. Go figure. 

A particular highlight included Handsome Dick moaning about the gap between him and the audience, and promising he would be down in the depths of the crowd 'sharing your sweat' before the evening was out, which he did just as the chorus kicked into Baby Let's Twist.

The photographs were to accompany a review by the magazine's very talented London correspondent, Maciej Zurowski, whom I joined in the crowd afterwards. I never thought I'd spend three minutes shouting 'Handsome Dick! Handsome Dick!' at a sixty year old man before, but there you go. 

Next year sees the forty year anniversary of The Dictator's seminal album, Dictators Go Girl Crazy! 

"I'm so strange."

All photographs: Kate Ross/ Trash

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