Tuesday, 19 August 2014

TRASH CAM: Psych Meds at BSTV Episode # 3, 31/07/14 at the New Cross Inn

" Are you ready for your medicine?"

Becky STASH and Nick STASH of rebel rockers STASH contributed a unique, bespoke spoken word, guitar and noise distorter set for BSTV Episode # 3. Donning sun glasses chic beatnik gear, their performance was a crucial element in our attempts at creating a Warholian Factory-style ambience, and many of the components of the set - spoken word delivery, psychdelic effects and shredding guitar, noise distortion and bass-via machine are at the heart of the duo's work in STASH.

Check out STASH via:

For live footage of STASH, see the BSTV YouTube channel: 

All photographs: Kate Trash

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