Friday, 18 January 2013

Day Three: Thief of Fire patch:

A small homage to the Pop Group and Mark Stewart.

The Pop Group is easily one of the most interesting bands to have come out of Bristol, incorporating raw jazz-funk bass-lines with tribal beats and the occasional casual reference to Nietzsche. A lot of what they produced for debut album Y feels pretty fractured and experimental, and there’s more than a hint of Beefheart & Zappa on tracks like Snowgirl and Thief of Fire.

The patch now on the jacket was originally produced for a music video for Trash favourite STASH, who are also huge fans of the Pop Group, Mark Stewart’s Maffia, as well his numerous other music and art projects. I once had the great pleasure of meeting Mark Stewart at the opening night of one of his exhibitions in east London, at which STASH was performing. He bought us all pints of lager and then I tried to teach him some kickboxing moves in a pub in Whitechapel. I can't remember why exactly. He was absolutely charming though.

Check out STASH’s music video for single ‘I Need A Sign’, all mostly filmed in a fantastic old pub in Balham, or as my friend Joe Moon calls it, ‘the arsehole of nowhere’:


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