Wednesday, 7 March 2012


A cut-up poem to start the day, offset with pictures of things that, should we have the power, would be brought back from the dead, as contributed by Anna Kirk, Ed Sibley and Laurie Young.

I told Kate:
New Buterflies Blitz
night is calm
Malcolm McClaren
The first thing you would see was
Real street protests
Polititcs [of] distraction
'In her art she was fearless. In life she was tormented.'
It was dark.
Innocent but wise at the same time.
The fallen leader's finest hour
he was in their midst
glitter and bright lights didn't work
see if we took that to heart less.

**Things to be brought back from the dead: Ricicles; Archaeopteryx; Joe Strummer; the widespread use of valve amplification. If you would like to contribute to the next cut-up collage, please email me what you would bring back from the dead if given the chance at **

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