Tuesday, 7 February 2012


I'm extremely excited to be part of a brand new collaborative project called The Vagenda which aims to look at the way women are represented in the media.

Check it out at http://vagendamag.blogspot.com/#!/

It was launched late last night (6th February) and this first selection of articles should lay down the gauntlet for what the editorial team is getting at by establishing this forum for writing and photography/images. Some photography articles like 'Stock Photos of Women Looking Remorseful After Sexual Encounters' are not a far cry away from the realms of VICE magazine. Then again, regular feature, 'American Apparel Ad or Porn?' promptly dumps all over any possible 'hipster' vibes you might get from the blog's content. Personally, I love the way that the design of the blog mimics the cutesy colour schemes of certain womens' magazines like Glamour, or indeed 'Glameurgh' as The Vagenda has rechristened it.

I'm told that the impetus behind The Vagenda all stemmed from two friends' all-too valid understanding that women's magazines rarely if ever seem to address things that real women or indeed, more widely, real people, actually care about. The word 'vagenda' was spotted by one of our editorial team as a terrible composite term used to describe a driven female's ambitions. (For a hilarious and yet biting insight into the linguistic epidemic that is the tendency to 'create one word when two (or none) will do', check out Natalie Cox's 'Chiktionary Corner').

Angry and frustrated by the way that not only language but feminity is becoming increasingly marginalised and pigeonholed within this widespread and wholly demeaning phraseology in the media, it was thought that something had to be done so The Vagenda was set up as a means to 'sift through the shit'. 

For a far more eloquent and erudite call-to-arms about The Vagenda's 'agenda', check out original 'Letter from the Editor'.

I'm hoping that my own contributions will look predominantly at the position of women in music and art but I'm aiming to produce other articles too. My first piece is a short essay called, 'Cut: Revising the Influence and Legacy of The Slits'.

At any rate, I'm so honoured to be a member of The Vagenda's editorial team and thoroughly encourage people to have a look at the diverse and genuinely impressive array of material that's been uploaded thus far.

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