Monday, 5 December 2011


Here's a little round-up of some exciting events going on during December 2011:

1. If you haven't checked it out already, then the first part of The Palace of Justice's sophomore effort, Once and For All is available for your listening pleasure at the band's myspace page so give it a listen via the link below:

For anyone who's familiar with the band's debut, The Album of Justice, this second album is a very different listening experience altogether, and tracks have been tinkered with, remixed and, in some cases, entirely re-recorded with a level of devotion that's pretty damn impressive.

Part Two will be accessible and up for download via bandcamp ( on Friday 9th December (that's THIS friday) and will be launched at a gig on the same day at The Good Ship in Kilburn. Attendees will be given a code that entitles them to a free download of the album. Here's the facebook event for further details:

2. Following a mighty comeback tour included in which was a gig in the Bowery in New York, Special Needs have released their new single, 'I Agree With Nick' (B-Side: 'Stuck in Human Resources') and it's available for download via iTunes Store and Amazon MP3 store at the link below:

Everyone should download this exciting single with its storming "Your country hates you and so do I" refrain. It brings together all the vivacity and joie de vivre of classic Funfairs and Heartbreak-era Special Needs with a sense of musical and political urgency that's agitated but, at the same time, full of the indie-pop momentum we've come to expect from both the band's recorded material and incendiary live shows. Plus, the cover art is really excellent.


3. Citing rock n roll stalwarts like Dylan, the Stones and the Beatles alongside literary influences from Edgar Allen Poe to Charles Bukowski, Paddy Griffith is a singer-songwriter of unquestionable quality and well worthy of your esteemed attention.

Check out Paddy's Facebook page for more info:

Trash was fortunate enough to sit in on the recording of a fantastic track called 'Dream in Sterling' when it was recorded during a twelve-hour stretch at the Turnpike Lane studio. What started as an idea for a song based on a series of chord progressions soon flourished into an incredible psychedelic Tarantino-esque stomp complete with moody guitar solos and group hollering, featuring the musical and recording talents of POJ members as well as 'vocal contributions' from other assorted layabouts.

Have a listen to the result at the following link:

What's more, Paddy is playing a gig supporting The Louis Jordan Factory Band at The Enterprise in Chalk Farm this Friday. Yep, it's the venue with the cool sound guy and the shaky floor boards. Just don't head downstairs needlessly unless you need to buy a drink or go to the toilet. It's pretty rank down there on a Friday night.

Again, I hate to be a Facebook whore, but here's the event:

4. And for anyone who's been wondering whatever happened to Killer Blob live music nights and promotion, fear not. Killer Blob returns to its spiritual home, The Hideaway, on Junction Road, for a super-dooper Christmas party with a line-up that's practically salivating. Thursday 15th December will warmly welcome back...



...and THE PALACE OF JUSTICE  for a night of joyous frivolity, top-class music and festive merriment. All for £3. Plus, there are promises of mince pies and rumours of Christmas live-musical chairs.

Here's the Facebook event with more details:

Also, Killer Blob is teaming up with Trash and various wonderful friends and compatriots to create a compilation CD of Free New Fucking Exciting Music to be released early next year so keep your eyes and ears open for news about featured artists and celebratory gigs. It's all very exciting. Hurray for December!

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