Friday, 21 October 2011


The highly anticipated second album from The Palace of Justice is due for release in less than a month on 11th November with a sneaky preview coming soon in the form of incendiary single, 'Turnpike Lane'.

The Palace of Justice has several gigs coming up in November, the first being on 17th November at The Enterprise, 2 Haverstock Hill (opposite Chalk Farm tube). This'll be the band's first gig since the release of Once And For All so it promises to be a great show. Plus, the floor boards of The Enterprise in the upstairs room where gigs are held are always a bit shaky, so much so that at the Camden Crawl a few years ago everyone was asked to sit down in the middle of Johnny Foreigner's set, lest someone put their foot through the floor or fall through into the bar below and get impaled on a beer pump or something. Maybe if everyone dances hard enough on 17th November, we might finally break through the floor, though hopefully with no major casualties.

And yes, that is a challenge.

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