Monday, 3 October 2011

*****Bleached Trash vests: get 'em whilst the weather's fine...*****

I'm currently taking commissions for bespoke Trash vests and t-shirts. Every item is attacked with bleached, sometimes re-tailored, and embellished with hand-made embroidered labels.

Here's a vest made for Mr. Adam Sherif of Th'Sheridans...

...and a black-rust number belonging to Phil Honey-Jones of the Healthy Junkies and Hiroshamour:

Check out Th'Sheridans on or via the band's Facebook page:!/pages/thsheridans/399733239467.
A personal Trash favourite is song, 'Out of the Spotlight' and if recent chitchat is to be believed, a new EP is due any day now!

Healthy Junkies have just released their debut album, 'Sick Note', which was launched last Thursday with a storming set at the Dublin Castle. Check out the band's Myspace (
or follow any one of these links to buy a copy/MP3 of the album:

Also, here's a link to Hiroshamour's myspace page where you can check out the band's Industrial Psychedelia freak-out:
Trash in particular recommends giving 'Critical Mass' or 'Fever' a listen, both of whcih are tracks from Hiroshamour's debut album, 'One' which came out in 2009.

Muchest of love...


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