Thursday, 22 September 2011

*****Two great gigs on Thursday 29th September*****

Trash is thrilled to report that there are two fabulous gigs scheduled for Thursday 29th September.

Healthy Junkies will be officially launching their long-awaited debut album, 'Sicknote' at the Dublin Castle in Camden on Thursday 29th September. Also on the bill are Bubblegum Screw and The Palace of Justice which basically equates to one of the tastiest line-ups imaginable. A great venue hosting three fantastic bands, all at the absolute top of their musical game, for only £6. That's two pounds a band. That's about fifty pence a band member, give or take. That's GREAT VALUE.

Here's the Facebook event for those so inclined:!/event.php?eid=277472842267316&notif_t=event_name_change

Th'Sheridans will be joining Fair-Ohs and Shout Timber at the launch of UCL's 'Popaganda' live music night at Mully's Basement Bar of The Huntley, UCLU, on the corner of Gower Street. A genuinely unique outfit with sometimes-fluctuating lineup, at the moment Th'Sheridans consists of Joe, Julia and Adam, and sources inform me that their set at Popaganda will include lots of new hardly-performed material which is very exciting indeed:!/event.php?eid=277550508928581

Although it's bloody annoying that both gigs are on the same evening, the chances are that each band is playing again soon so be sure to check them out on Myspace, Facebook etc.

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