Sunday, 25 September 2011


I was lucky enough to join John Shrubsole on Camden Unsigned radio this Thursday just gone for two whole hours of new unsigned music. In contrast to the studio at UCL's Rare FM, the equipment was not held together with masking tape and everything, shocklingly, worked perfectly. What can I say? I'm just not used to working in these conditions...

Unfortunately, the shows aren't currently being logged (but hopefully will be soon!) so here's the playlist of all the songs we played:

1. Arthur Brown - In the Summer
2. Frontline Fire - Mirror Test
3. Laws of Motion - Scanner
4. Lenny Verallas - One in a Million
5. Healthy Junkies - Manifesto
6. Dumbjaw - My Acrimony
7. The Hyenas - Filthy Electricity
8. Blondes in Tokyo - I am Goatboy
9. The Palace of Justice - Meredith
10. Bubblegum Screw - I Was a Teenage Fuck-up
11. Sister Gracie - Black
12. Stone Them Crows - 50s Sex
13. The Hyenas - Dirty Little Love Song
14. The Midnight Heavy - Bonnie and Clyde
15. Van Howling - Five
16. Pete - I'll Be Waiting
17. The Full Colour Hardback Books - This is London
18. The Palace of Justice - Hourglass
19. The Hit Ups - Unforgiveable
20. Dactyls - Killing Time

Bands and musicians looking to have their tracks played on Camden Unsigned can submit their act along with an MP3 on the Camden Unsigned website at


  1. You played Fire?! From that Youtube video of us doing it live? Or do you mean Five? :p

  2. Yeah, sorry. I meant Five. Consider it amended :)