Friday, 29 July 2011

***The Palace of Justice release their latest single off eagerly awaited new album***

(photo: Marta Owczarek)

Trash Blog is very excited to report that the mighty Palace of Justice are releasing their newest single 'Meredith' (B-side: 'Hourglass') today at 3pm available for free download from the band's Bandcamp page! What could be better than free Justice?! That's not even available in a court of law...

Here is the official link:

For anyone who's ever heard these guys play live, you'll recognise Meredith instantly, and if you haven't already downloaded the trio's debut, 'The Album of Justice' then it is highly recommended. Again, it's absolutely free and was recorded entirely on lead singer/guitarist George Clark's 8-track late last year. Reports would seem to suggest the band's second album is on its way to completion - the band have been dilligently and almost religiously putting in the hours at a studio near Manor House, north London, for weeks now and a few cheeky listens of some recordings have confirmed my suspicions that it's going to be an absolute triumph. 

PoJ play the Good Ship in Kilburn on Friday 5th August. Here's the Facebook event for those so inclined:!/event.php?eid=137494936330917

Trash out. X


  1. Free Justice! Not even available in the court of law! I am awaiting the 3pm release eagerly. And thanks for the photo credit!

  2. You're most welcome, it's a great photo X